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Rally logistics breaking the wind season

      bingo I've been in logistics company family for more than two months ' time, whether from work or a personal feeling there are a lot of words to say, just between your busy working, every time we met just a short greeting, take this opportunity to say thought to share.

that has just arrived in Beijing, whether it be the city, or is this is strange for me, as a newly working for me, many do not understand the need to learn from, only knowledge to implement in order to really bring its value in practice. With excitement and nervousness in the sun always lead down to logistics company Logistics Center, came to us here honestly thought some desolate here, when I really get into our office when venues and clean environment here attracts me, the Office is very bright, giving a feeling of warmth. Enter new environments new colleagues as just me, everything here is so strange to me, but this sense of strangeness is short. Dinner everyone was enthusiastic, invited me to dinner with everyone, we have a mutual understanding. Think that colleagues were very enthusiastic, I also take care of, thank you very much.

through two months of work and life with some basic knowledge of logistics companies, now is the season of logistics, but I believe that an enterprise's growth is not any one person can change, is based on our strengths, the current situation is temporary, there must be "Cleave, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea," at the moment. Like this sentence: we are a business owner, enterprise is our sacred duty of loyalty, excellence is our goal, solidarity is the key to outwit. Into the company, even though we are divided into different sectors, but we are a team, will play the team's advantage.

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