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Micro-flaws as long as elaborately carved white jade beauty glory Yao people

      I logistics company as a warehouse manager, when I first came to the company I don't understand even the goods are always wrong, always trouble colleagues to help fix. Now with the help of the leader now without any problems.

I was mainly responsible for the goods in logistics company access and sorting and counting, as some customers are shipped every day, so check every week, each a shipment and at least three times to the library. Time flies, I have in logistics company two years ago, looking back, although not great results, but it is also going through a period of extraordinary test and hone. I found my new position in logistics company direction and life purpose. Inventory of storage per day, weekly and a few other things, about their responsibilities very clear to me.

when everyone is in default, but as long as careful a lot of checks a few times, always successfully completed work, although I am still in some small details has some loopholes, but I'm trying to learn, gradually perfected to achieve error-free without loopholes.