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How to change how life is how you spend

  the source of the work is the person, clothing, shelter, is the value of human life, so the work is required. While you can work when you may do it! Just imagine at 70 outdated when the chopper, wanted to work, were weak. Support outside the family work in addition to providing our food and clothing, but also embodies the values of life. Find personal satisfaction in their work, and appreciate the achievements in their work, and self satisfaction and achievement from-change. Each work can find pleasure in change.

in logistics companies are usually simple to "seems drab and boring data entry", but it is difficult, if only mechanical input numbers and characters, I'm afraid that bored a few months on the job, from this work will be like jumping into the sea. But if the conversion of a thought, for a change, perhaps results opposite: can come with their own game, 100 single entry yesterday, it took 50 minutes, recorded 100 again today when I take 40 minutes. If this goal is achieved, I believe that at this time would be very happy, why not? For myself today than yesterday's themselves; today the role of efficiency higher than yesterday's operational efficiency.

and so on, or logistics companies working in a simple table, table yesterday, so try it today if you can make it a little more beautiful? Change font, fill color, add a border, as a form of content has not changed, but the appearance is very different, can do to people generally, can do to make people look unusual. Key in your own. Hope years growing day by day, spirit day by day updates.