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   Shanghai State logistics since June 2010 for more than two years, and this year was the beginning of my life, this job was my first job. But I think I grew up a lot in these two years. There is such a team. Let me progress soon.

unconsciously Debon logistics has two years in Shanghai, Shanghai State logistics made me mature, let my thoughts from a child into a mature adult. From the very beginning to make a simple debt of the company administrators begin, recall that feeling is now a child, began to work felt so curious, but then I thought that work really is not just simple curiosity. Ideas also slowly changed,

2011 company consolidation I choose carrier management, when the logistics industry was not very clear. Later I'm learning, just started to learn when I feel a great burden, but the good news is that the process of Learning Manager Zhao helped me a lot, and I learned a lot. What cannot be considered like a child when things a little.

later, after my efforts, one carrier responsible for, although just beginning to feel the hardest, after such a long time of experience felt himself grow. Now can handle some of the things on their own. Here would like to thank colleagues at Shanghai State logistics through. Thanks to this group. We met acquaintances. I am growing with stone.