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Ten years hard temper growth path

   Shanghai State logistics came a decade ago publicity color pages are slightly yellowed photos of themselves, the mood could not help but small waves. Today, looking at the pages in their own image, could not help but have a "thing" feeling. Ten years, ten years ago, I was a little guy, don't have much work experience, young innocent, with a touch of innocence and a point.

ten years, I kind of work covering almost all of Shanghai State logistics jobs: total sales, scheduling, dispatch and debt Manager, project manager, marketing specialist, Marketing Manager. Looking back ten years of work history, heart sincerely grateful, thanks to me for a long time in my various jobs teaching leadership, colleagues from the help you've given me, also has offered a variety of work opportunities.

How can life for dozens of years, dares to spell ten years young? Along the way, whether in the Shanghai State logistics job, I got the biggest exercise, not only master knowledge, understand the basic principles of life. Himself with the development of Shanghai State logistics continue to enrich and complement their own, somewhere with this great organization formed a tacit understanding there is no spatial distance, I can have a "good fortune," youth and give their wisdom for this organization and feel no regrets and delights in.