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A Si province logistics staff impressions

  in April this year Shanghai State logistics "cure beyond cure lazy   happy at work" activities, understand the thrust of activities and self position self at the same time, also deeply feel the responsibility on my shoulders.

by Shanghai State logistics of this event, I understand "I reflect on oneself three times" really means. Believes that through this event, I would pay more attention to the way you work and work, and how to make himself with the development of Shanghai State logistics continue to enrich and complement their own, somewhere with this great organization formed a tacit understanding there is no spatial distance, do everything within the area of responsibility.

at this point, I would like to personally blessed in the name of the company: Shanghai State logistics career and let everyone put aside selfishness and Debon in Shanghai logistics interests to work wish everyone in our organization with its own hard work and wisdom to change, creating; Shanghai State logistics is willing to thrive.