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Logistics family winter warm heart two or three things

  Shanghai Debon Logistics Branch, I was a driver, I have to work in the Shanghai State logistics for a year. At work and the company forged a deep relationship, there is a feeling of home.

one day in March 06, moving accidentally during work my fingers were crushed by machinery and equipment. After the accident, Shanghai logistics leadership attaches great importance to the Nations, I was rushed to the hospital in time for treatment due to surgery, postoperative recovery is very good, in the treatment of injured during the Shanghai State logistics leadership of my Special attention. On top of food, colleagues of the Division of food to feed the soup for me, living with his colleagues for shampoo and wash your face. Did not think of me as an outsider, like his brothers treated like that.

at this point, I touched Debon Shanghai logistics for everything I do. Shanghai Debon logistics makes me feel like a big warm family. We, as members of the. To make a productive employee, with full enthusiasm and positive attitude to return the stone, so that our family will be more harmonious, more brilliant.

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