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Scope of services

City distribution


operation of customers:

Dell computer in Shanghai and Northern China around the local distribution business.

Dell is a leading global provider of IT products and services, its operations include helping customers to build their information-technology and Internet infrastructures.

texwood Corporation Shanghai, Guangzhou 17 cities across the country the transport of clothing.

Gabriel clothing, Hebei, Shanghai outlets of transport and distribution.

Beijing Oriental national distribution transport.

Shanghai Oriental communication over more than 30 urban transport transport communications products.

KONKA TV products in Shanghai and regional distribution and distribution business in North China.

Toshiba colour TV products are part of the main line and distribution projects.

Philips household electrical appliances and distribution projects.

Thomson projection product and distribution projects.

Suntory beverage route transportation, warehousing and distribution.

world top 500 enterprises and Delta Faucet and kitchen products warehousing, distribution and the main line of business.

Germany will products distribution business.

Austria Enterprise Mac hardware product warehousing and local distribution business.

chuangda print product distribution business in Shanghai.

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