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      enter the logistics company, basically lead a small team engaged in warehousing logistics, warehouse work simple enough, even giving a very relaxed feeling, in fact, is more integrated.

because this warehouse logistics impossible put each post points of had clear, each warehouse logistics of people are to familiar understand warehouse logistics of each a steps, each work link by engaged in of work link, real do easily, warehouse work to carefully has patience has perseverance, key also have ability have live lonely, course also has happy and achievements sense, years yilai customer on we of service is certainly and satisfaction of, basic no quality Shang of complaints, also no customer of non-normal loss, can and we of customer " Live in harmony, there is a tacit understanding and trust with each other "is a great joy.

logistics company under the leadership of, we know that slight negligence at work, might give the customer a great deal of trouble; tiny mistakes in the work could bring huge losses to the company; lust, laziness, irresponsible, and we will bring unpredictable negative consequences. So we need to work to overcome the lazy really appreciate the pleasure of working.