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      in recent years electric business express Zhijian of friction increasingly big, gradually trend Yu open, on like recently vibe of Jingdong Mall was Sto express "blocked", Beijing East aspects said Sto express to Beijing East of businesses issued a stopped its to Beijing East of goods distribution, and STO aspects then also confirmed has this a message, and pointed out that Beijing East wants to avoided responsibility, as forced businesses using himself of logistics platform,. Jingdong Mall has recently said is still in communication with the Sto.

according to Jing dong says, this is not a suspension of all business, mainly for third-party Merchant Warehouse to store the goods distribution center for consumers shopping experience will not be affected, Jingdong self-support and shentong there cooperation for delivery. It is understood that after the consumer in the store from top to bottom, by a third party seller sends the goods to the East warehouse, invoice from business or Beijing East, the Sto service to suspend cooperation in this aspect. So consumers ' shopping experience and will not have too much influence.

"kill" says shentong express officials explained that the Sto to the Beijing East warehouse waiting for the sign for a long time and shipment is too large and is not suitable for express delivery company to operate, said Shanghai Express is not a logistics company, so not to undertake this kind of cargo transportation.