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   a few days ago, Member of the National Committee, Zhejiang transfar Group Chairman Xu Guanju, told reporters: "China Road transport efficiency is less than 40%, and logistics costs as a percentage of GDP has remained at about 18%, our logistics costs significantly higher than that of developed countries. "In view of this, road speed cost adjustment is to improve road efficiency of logistics companies, are also padded logistics short Panel key.

in order to adjust the toll highway, change the operating system, to advocate "improve services" new income, changing the traditional "charge" revenue models. At present, China's preferential policies for high-speed charge relatively high, high speed is relatively small, this directly increases the cost of logistics company's overall costs. As road and bridge company, should take the interests and actively cooperate with the logistics, with "invigorating circulation, reduce cost" basis, to strengthen its service system and the construction of roads, changing "charging" stereotype. Some time ago our "holiday express free" in front, firms should strengthen the management of highways and dredging work, strengthen the sense of service. Development feasibility of paving the road of development for logistics companies.

in addition, China Road and bridge Corporation as soon as possible realize its transformation and upgrading, keep pace with the adjusted toll roads policy, as well as the specific clearance of toll road. According to the trend, trying to develop diversified income-generating markets, opening up a wide range of investments in roads, and expand the benefits of revenue.