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      in the development of modern logistics industry practice, "logistic culture" not only with the development of practice, and gradually into the spirit world of logistics and provide internal impetus to promote the development of industries. Therefore, only by strengthening the vitality of the logistics company "logistic culture" construction in order to prevent negative industry practices in the phenomenon of fatigue and low culture. If humanism sentiments of the soul influence of logistics, will avoid the follow industry practice in rolled material self-interest and the surging power of potential.

modern logistics development is the actual situation, the kind of "retreat" as the face of "pragmatic" as content, completely reversing the "virtual" is the soul and core of culture, "reality" is the form of truth and the carrier's. To this end, the logistics to beyond the cultural vision of reality, macro-vision and strategic conception of reason; it requires through the appearance of theoretical thinking, general theories and alien civilizations in the light from the top down; to strengthen the logistics of their own subjectivity, objectivity, a revolutionary initiative, creativity, value judgments and choices. Otherwise, the development of the logistics industry would lose its purpose, meaningless, loss of vitality, into rigid, philistine and corrupt rut.

anyway, modern logistics industry development practice from conditions starting, to looks at Yu people of vital interests, listening they of suffering and calls, service basket and meters bag; to market share, and payments accounting of statistics digital, as logistics company development of practice according to; insisted to service development social life, and service development productivity, and service development integrated power, as logistics industry of practice field; let "logistics culture" became logistics people consciously practice of spirit soul, Guide the logistics people to put into practice the connotation of innovation development of logistics.