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      logistics company in the specific practice of the time, often forget all about logistics and culture. In their minds, probably only development-oriented external opportunities, and keep up with market speculation, only temporary, see, surface, dependent as the practice of object and purpose, and without efforts to build a strong cultural connotation, but a logistics companies, if they lack the ability to blaze new trails, it would be difficult to grasp the originality of modern logistics value.

at logistics company operating in the field of vision to grasp the logistics practice? First of all, to know any cultural practices themselves are subjective will, motivation, theory, idea, logic control, and logistics of purely objective cultural practice does not exist. Secondly, logistic and cultural practice is an ongoing process of development, practice correct logistics culture is also an eternal process, any conclusions are not the ultimate. Again, when the theoretical direct negation theory when factually, without considering the long-term development plan, there is no theoretical thinking fools practices, is also one of logistics demonstrate the shallowness of culture.

so, logistics company not only to in logistics practice in the efforts carried out logistics culture broadcast, also to prevention logistics development practice in the of vulgar pragmatism tendencies, and the to this as excuses to hinder logistics culture development, to strengthened front interests and see have see of affordable; to avoid in practice in the put useful of, and so that of Dang truth; to set logistics development of great vision, abandoned eager for quick success and, and mercenary, and not told principles, and predatory business of thought roots. Real culture to the consolidation and development of logistics.