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      rumors some time ago Shen Tong Jing dong bulky items suspended behind the move, probably cat Jingdong wars require express delivery companies such as "alternatives" are forced to stand, but cat has denied the claim, saying the cat never put pressure on courier companies, that is completely autonomous decision-making behavior of express company.

many people worried Sto it may lead to other peers to follow suit of the express transportation market, but then the store denies, Mall said, "actually has no effect, shunfeng, yuantong express company does not appear to reject the" business is not affected in any way. Insiders revealed that the East dominated the customer experience value and profits the highest Terminal distribution and lower costs on the route, throwing bones to express, in incoming links "space-for-time." Shentong express yesterday in Beijing, said a courier, sent East cargo line for at least 2 hours, and logistics and distribution delays are often fined by the East. In this regard, Jingdong Mall who responded are details.

the sources said several incoming links most of the domestic express transportation company was "uncomfortable", in addition to long wait times, lower distribution efficiency, the link Terminal distribution compared to the distribution of costs also is shrinking, some also express logistics company plus dozens of to hundreds of storage per month storage fee.