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Shanghai able Logistics Limited is a main transportation, air freight forwarding, warehousing management, local distribution, removal of packaging, device migration of integrated logistics enterprise. The existing staff of more than 800 employees, storage area of 20000 square meters and more than more than 180 professional transport vehicles. Marked with a Shanghai State logistics brand of commercial distribution, and delivery of transport vehicles are everywhere, formed with Shanghai as the Center, covering North China, East China, radiant perfection of nationwide distribution network.

Shanghai able logistics limited company has always been adhering to the "began in customer demand, to achieve customer satisfaction, Debon Debon logistics logistics, Shanghai, German State logistics company, Shanghai State logistics company, Shanghai State logistics phones finally social contribution" business philosophy, and equipped with advanced hardware equipment, set up efficient information platform provides strong protection for logistics operations. Shanghai German Logistics Ltd passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, in accordance with GB/T19001-ISO9001:2008 of the quality management systems-requirements, established modern enterprise management system based on customer-centric.

after more than 10 years of continuous development, Shanghai State logistics limited and gradually establish a standardized, networking and modernization of internal management system, established a perfect talent introduction mechanisms, established a warehousing and distribution in Shanghai's leading position in the field. Shanghai State logistics brand appeal and influence increasingly evident, was endorsed unanimously by the industry and our customers.

"trust comes from honesty and diligence"! Debon in Shanghai Logistics Limited will continue to introduce advanced management concepts and methods, enhance the operation and management of the scientific and technological advantages, and strive to become the nation's leading third-party logistics enterprises.

Debon Shanghai logistics limited, world heritage, benefiting thousands of families!